ESTUDIOWISE, it is a company of accounting and tax services for more than 25 years.

Service area

Pay Roll

> Labor advice (dismissals, A.R.T.ausencias, diseases)..

> High and low number of employees in Afip / Obra Social and unions.

> Payment of salaries and wages.

> Liquidation of social charges and unions.

> Final liquidations and issuance of receipts.

> Printing and rubric of salary book.

> Analysis and application of the different collective labor agreements, depending on their activity, we liquidated more than 10 collective agreements by branch of activity.

> Contracting of ART and Mandatory Life Insurance.

> Management before the corresponding Ministry of Labor, of the rubric of Mobile Sheets or book of salaries and wages.

> Management of digital salary book.

> Presentations before the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of discharges.

> Presentations to conciliatory hearings and releases.

Tax Area

> Liquidation of national taxes.

> Liquidation of provincial taxes.

> Settlement of income tax for all categories of natural persons.

> Liquidation of Taxes on Profits Legal Persons.

> Liquidation and compensation I.G.M.P.

> Calculation of advances.

> Tax advice in tax planning.

> Advice and assistance in inspections before A.F.I.P / A.G.I.P. / A.R.B.A.

> Tax Whiteouts, Moratoria and Payment Facility Plans.

> Liquidation of Gross Local Income and Multilateral Agreement, annual and monthly sworn declarations (CM 03 and CM 05).

> Liquidation of personal property tax.

> Liquidation imposed actions and participations.

Accounting area

> Audit of Financial Statements.

> Certificates of income.

> Accounting Certifications.

> Accounting records and preparation of balance sheets.

> Monthly accounting reports for decision making.

> Preparation of financial statements.

> Certifications related to accounting aspects for presentation to banks, or organizations that require it, either from the company or from its partners.

> Organization and copying of accounting books.

Insurance Area

> We are producers registered by the SSN with authorized registration.

> Advice and contracting in all types of insurance, especially personal accidents, for your company's personnel, fire, integral commerce, automotive.

> Experts in the area of work risk insurance.

Corporate Legal Area

> We have scribes and personnel specialized in societies, both in the constitution of the new S.A.S. as in your accounting process. Making society tailored to your needs.

> Rapidity in the constitution of traditional societies (s.r.l./ s.a.).

> The best price and celieridad in the Constitution of simplified corporations (S.A.S).

About us

Our Studio

Qualified Staff

We have modern facilities and qualified personnel for each service area based on the needs of each client.

New services

In recent years we have added an area of insurance services in a complementary way to accounting services, since our knowledge about your business allows us to advise you and hire insurances according to your needs.

Our Locations

ESTUDIOWISE has its headquarters in downtown Buenos Aires in the administrative area of the city of Buenos Aires, more precisely in the street Reconquista 616 floor 9 CABA , with professionals suitable for the needs of your company.

Our services

Our main activity is accounting and tax services that we developed more than 25 years ago, which has given us the experience and professional solvency to solve all the needs of a sole proprietorship, commercial company or a S.R.L. or S.A. and more recently the Simplified Anonymous Societies (S.A.S.) for which we have extensive knowledge of our specific department, civil associations and foundations.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of the company is to provide an integral service for our clients, from the beginning of the company or business advising and carrying out all the necessary tasks for its opening and continuity over time. For this we cover the areas of municipal permits, inscriptions in AFIP and I.G.J. , General Directorate of Revenue, Ministry of Labor, SEPyME, etc. All these areas have been our domain for more than 25 years, having the knowledge, experience and solvency to bring them to fruition.

In a climate of constant technological changes and a highly volatile economic context with marches and countermarches in tax matters make the relationship with customers must be very fluid and with rapid responses from us before each new resolution and / or change in social security tax. To do this we provide each client with exclusive telephones from each area so that they can evacuate their doubts as well as the possibility of sending whatsapp and emails to each specific area. This makes communication faster and more personal. Likewise, in this communication idea, emails of news are sent to each client as well as our presence in social networks, which makes us confirm a community really.

The essence of our philosophy is to accompany our clients in different ways so that your business or business suffers as little as possible or passes tax changes with greater security and with the support of a group of highly qualified professionals in permanent updating.


We have qualified accountants to perform any type of activity.

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Headquarters - Reconquista 616 Piso 9 CABA | Argentina